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Interactive African Storytelling

Drawn by one of Noah's rapt young audienceNoah, a qualified and experienced teacher, creates, with African costumes & artefacts, a relaxed and exotic atmosphere which motivates and captivates everybody (irrespective of age and ability).

Artefacts and materials are used to create an African atmosphere and environment; Village, Rainforest, etc.

The story is developed with words in English & Beti, live music, dance and songs, with the creative participation of the audience.

Stories are chosen and adapted according to age group.


Participants enjoy the learning process, developing their understanding and skills by taking part in a hands-on interactive session based on a theme from a totally different culture.  Every child has the opportunity to discover, touch and play beautiful hand-made instruments, dance, sing, participate in role plays and all are actively encouraged to ask questions.

Even shy children find themselves joining in, whereas lively ones settle down to the pace of the group.


Here is a small sample of Noah's traditional African story repertoire:



  • Rainforest and Animals

  • Caring for the Environment

  • Village and Family Life

  • Anti-Bullying

  • Giants


  • The Three Parcels

  • The Python Doctor

  • The Seven Sisters

  • Papa Kool-Ay

  • Omo-Moto

Follow-up Activities

Follow-up Activities (Picture by ''Charlie'')Follow-up activities for schools, such as question time, drawing, creative writing and story-making can be generated from the wealth of senses stimulated by this new, exotic experience.

Some titles of projects from Noah's wide repertoire based on authentic African Tales:

  • Spirits of the Forest

  • From Dusk to Dawn

  • Talking Drums

  • Your village My Village

  • Food for Thought/Africa

  • “The Broken Spoon” musical

  • Akoma Mba

  • OmoMoro

Quote about “Spirit of the Forest”:

“The African theme itself was crucial to the educational enrichment that came from the close involvement of all children with the story.  Noah Messomo is an outstanding protagonist of the art of storytelling . . . Literacy skills and concentration are clearly extended by their almost non-stop participation during the story.”

Andrew Knights, Project Coordinator.

Your Next Step

Naturally, you will have detailed questions about the precise format and content of the above interactive African stories.  We are more than happy to speak with you about what we do and how our content can fit your exact requirements.  Click Here to learn more about Noah or complete our Contact Form.