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Noah Afro Music works in the Education, Cultural and Corporate fields.



Hands-on Experience Noah is both a professional musician and a trained and qualified teacher, with over 30 years experience of working in education.  Noah has worked in over 1,000 schools in the UK and Germany, in Nursery, Primary, Middle and Secondary schools, Inset and Higher Education.

He works mainly throughout the Southern area of England.  He is also a board director of two educational charities – DEED (Development Education in Dorset) and TAPS (Traditional Arts Projects).

Arts, Crafts and Cultural Centres:

  • Africa Centre, London

  • Ashcroft Arts Centre, Fareham

  • Bedhampton Arts Centre, Havant

  • Bournemouth Centre for Community Arts

  • Bridport Arts Centre, Dorset

  • Christchurch Regent Centre

  • City Arts Centre, Dublin

  • Dorchester Arts Centre

  • Forest Arts Centre, Hants

  • Havant Arts Centre

  • Minstead Study Centre

  • Rise Pheonix, London

  • Salisbury Arts Centre, Wilts

  • The Ark, Dublin

  • The Lighthouse, Poole Arts Centre

  • The Study Gallery, Poole

  • Tower Arts Centre, Winchester

  • Viables Crafts Centre, Basingstoke

  • Walford Mill Craft Centre

  • West End Centre, Aldershot

Libraries and Museums:

  • Bournemouth Library

  • City Library, Southampton

  • Poole Library

  • Russell-Coates Museum

Local Authorities, Organisations and Corporate Clients

  • Artsreach (Dorset)

  • Arts & Business

  • Arts Council

  • Arts on Offer

  • Bournemouth Leisure Services

  • Bournemouth symphony Orchestra

  • Bournemouth Theatre in Education

  • Bournemouth Borough Council

  • Decibel

  • DepArtures

  • Devon Development Education

  • Hampshire Music Services

  • Hampshire Environment Services

  • Poole Borough Council

  • Poole Youth Service

  • Southern Arts

  • Somerset Arts Education Agency

  • Soundstorm, Dorset Music Services

  • East Dorset Leisure Services


  • Amnesty International

  • CODA Music Trust

  • Christian Aid

  • DEED (Development education in Dorset)

  • Dance Forum Dorset

  • Dorset Race Equality

  • Medical Foundation for victims of Torture

  • Portsmouth & S.E. Hants. Multicultural Group Refugee Day

  • Traidcraft (Bradford)

  • TAPS (Traditional Arts Projects)


Festivals and Carnivals:

  • Boscombe Arts Festival

  • Bristol Festival

  • LEAF Festival, Christchurch

  • Millennium Dome Project

  • Poole in the Park - Music Live (BBC 2,000)

  • Poole Music Festival

  • Portsmouth Schools Arts Festival

  • Wimborne Festival

Festivals/Tours in Germany:

  • Augsberg

  • Bamberg

  • Bayreuth

  • Berlin

  • Frankfurt

  • Koln

  • Limburg

  • Munich

  • Una

  • Wupperthal

Higher and Further Education

  • Bournemouth & Poole College

  • Fareham College

  • Greenwich University INSET

  • Wessex Music Service

  • Life Long Learning

  • Nottingham University

  • Poole Adult Education

  • Southampton University

  • St Luke’s College, Exeter

  • Westfield Technical College


  • Universtity of Cologne

  • Volkerkunde Museum, Berlin

  • Iwalewa House, Bayreuth


Client Feedback

What People Say . . .

Noah has Worked in Over 1,000 Schools“…Noah Messomo is both a cultural ambassador and teacher of the highest calibre.”

B. Samuels, National Foundation for Youth Music

“Last Friday’s concert was a tremendous success, both in the quality of the entertainment and in capturing people’s enthusiasm for our project. This is to thank you most warmly for your own contribution which was very much appreciated….”

Richard Ely, Dorset County Education Officer

“…The artwork and the drama the children produced was a credit to your gift for storytelling…In one day you inspired many areas of the curriculum and I would not hesitate in recommending you to other schools.”

Ms Lynam, Heatherlands !st School

“He is a professional storyteller and sings and plays the drums to go with the old stories, he has an aura about him and the children loved his show”.

Mrs Rimmer, Broadstone First School (in the Daily Echo)

“Noah, many thanks for bringing such a blaze of colour into our lives in the Ark. It’s been a pleasure having you here. Hoping to see you back before long.”

M O’Sullivan, The Ark Cultural Centre, Dublin

“Thank you for playing at our music and poetry evening. It was absolutely wonderful and created a fantastic atmosphere. Your music was the highlight of a very successful evening. We really appreciate your support.”

Amnesty International Group, Poole

“…Your workshops were undoubtedly the outstanding workshops of the fortnight… We were all fascinated by the music and the stories but especially the children to whom you brought an “other world” experience.”

Bishops Green Community Association , Hants

“…As ever, Noah brought an extra dimension to the event, inspiring us to try out new things and work together to make some fantastic music whilst creating a sense of well-being amongst the group.”

Steve Harris, Music Education officer, Poole

…”The evening was to be no ordinary meeting. The objective was to capture people’s imagination about what the arts could achieve…the workshops truly inspired people and their achievements were shared by the group.”

Nickola Moore, Poole Arts Development Officer

What Children Say . . .

Picture by Ashley Black… I specially liked it when we all showed what we had learnt with you…I also enjoyed it when we all played on the instruments and sang songs”

L. Ivey, Haymoor Middle School, Poole

“It was great playing the drums and dancing. I wish you could come 5 days a week. That is - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!”

M. Segurty, Gordon School, London

“ Thank you for showing us your instruments and telling us a story. Thank you for dancing and playing the drums.”

Kirsty, Yr. 2, Stanley Green first School, Poole

“ Thank you for letting us play your drums and dancing with a partner. The drums were very loud because of the skin. The drums repeated the same rhythm. I like your costume.”

Amber, Manor Infant School, Southampton

“ Thanks a lot for an unforgettable experience”

Harry, the Park School, Bournemouth

“ Thank you for letting us play the drums….the mvet, and the balafon and the Ngombi”

Jake, Bentley Primary School, Farnham, Surrey

“...a great big thank you…I loved listening to your music… My favourite part was when we played in our groups and we got to play on the instruments. I felt like I was in Cameroon and other countries that play drums and other instruments, it was great fun.”

Jenna Roberts, Woodlea Primary, Borden, Hampshire

“…thank you… I liked playing your drums. I liked the sound of the King Kong drum. You are a brilliant storyteller. I liked how you acted the animals. Can you come to the school again?”

Zoe, Parret & Axe Primary, Beaminster, Dorset

“I liked it when we asked questions. It was really nice.”

Ellie, Lilliput First School, Poole


More Information

Over the years, we have collected literally hundreds of letters of thanks and recommendation for every type of activity and from all types of people and organisations.  Further references can be provided on request.  Please complete our Contact Form for more information.