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A. Noah Messomo

About Noah

Albert Noah-Messomo, Dipleg “Ambassador of African Culture”

  • Born in Adjab (Okola), in the rainforest area of Cameroon, Africa - of the Beti people.

  • Active promoter of the cultural roots of his people, having been initiated by traditional masters.

  • He plays the Balafons (Mendzang), Djembe, Log Drum (Nkul/King Kong), Mvet (string instrument), Sanza/Mbireh (thumb piano) and the Ngombi (harp).

  • He’s a storyteller who was brought up in the oral traditions of his village.

  • Founder and leader of “Mendzang M’Ekum Adjab”, a traditional balafon band.

  • Designer and builder of hand-made African instruments: creative workshop established over 40 years.

  • Qualified secondary school teacher (English & French), (Dipleg, University of Yaounde, 1981).

  • Ethnomusicologist at the Ministry of Higher Education, research work in traditional music.

  • Cameroon National Award for Traditional Music, 1989.

  • Based in the UK since 1995, Noah is a well-known artist and musician who brings a taste of the real Africa to the ears and hearts of many children and adults.

  • Board director of 2 educational charities: DEED and TAPS.

  • Activities include Workshops, Concerts, Recitals and Lectures in Britain, Cameroon, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Austria . . .

  • Languages: African: Beti, Bassa European: English, French, Spanish.

  • Member of the Musician’s Union with public liability insurance and a CRB Certificate.

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Telephone or Fax:  01202 250272

Mobile:  07866 208940